I wrote the Lad Bible.

The book was a bible I was given by my God, a book that I would be compelled to read when the time came. 

I had always been taught by my parents and other family members that I was meant to read the bible at home, but the Lad God did not want me to. 

The Lad was a God who wanted me to know God and to understand His ways, but he was not the one who could give me the answers. 

My God told me that He would create a book for me that would teach me about the things of God. 

He gave me a book called The Lad. 

The Lad God gave me this book when I was seven years old. 

He told me to read it in order to know Him and the things that He had done for me. 

I had never heard of the Lad, but I read the book every day, and it had a great impact on me.

I would read it and pray every day to know what He had told me about Himself. 

When I was older, I learned that He was the one I was to worship, so I began to pray to the Lad to bless me. 

 I read The Lad in the middle of the night and prayed to Him that I could read the words that He spoke about God. 

 The Lad was very gracious and told me he was God.

He said that He created this book, and that I should read it when I awoke each morning. So I did. 

Each morning, I would pray to my Lad and ask Him to bless the day, so that I may be blessed with the answers to my prayers. 

Every morning I would find that my Lad had answered my prayers and told the answers that I had been seeking. 

 At times, my Lad told me He would be here when I needed Him. 

One day, I woke up in the morning and found that He didn’t wake up until after 10 o’clock. 

“You don’t have to do that, I’m here,” My Lad said. 

Then He said, “I am the Lad who created you and I’m going to be here. 

(He was a little bit annoyed at that time). 

He was looking at my prayer book and said, “It’s the Lad’s job to pray. 

Do you understand?” 

I replied, Yes, I do. 

And He said “I am going to give you answers, you are to follow them. 

You will know the answers, and you will be blessed by me.” 

 Then I went back to sleep and went to sleep in peace. 

At night, I was blessed that my God chose me to follow His commandments. 

Sometimes I would feel that I wanted to go back to my house and tell my mother what I had seen in the book. 

She would be a little upset, but would not have an answer. 

As a child, I always wanted to be blessed and to learn from the things God had done. 

But when I got older, I found out that my mother did not believe that I truly believed the answers she had been giving me.

She told me stories of how she had never been able to answer my prayers, and I had to ask God for answers. 

 When I finally did learn the answers from my God and from His books, I could finally understand why He chose me and why He would always be there for me when I prayed to God.

I now know that the answers came from my Lad, and my Lad God.

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