Cod and his friends, who are a family of three, are used to driving the family car.

But the two-year-old is in a different mindset when he gets in the car.

Cod is now driving a child car, which is his first time driving with his three-year old son.

Cod and the kids get into the car and take turns driving, with Cod doing most of the driving while his son and his two-week-old son play.

Cod’s wife, Amanda, explains how her husband’s love for cars and driving made her want to adopt a two-month-old baby boy.

(CBC News)When Cod got the call that his son was going to be adopted, he couldn’t believe it.

It’s a big decision for his family, but they’ve always been in love with cars and they wanted a car that would be safe and comfortable for their son.

Amanda, who is pregnant with a second child, wanted to adopt her son, but Cod’s father wanted him adopted as well.

“I had no idea how I would be able to care for the baby, how I’d be able do all the things that my son wants to do, but that’s something that’s not even on my mind,” said Amanda.

Amanda was working in an IT company, so her husband took a job as an engineer at a big electronics company in B.C. and worked from home.

She was expecting to have a baby soon and thought she would give up her career in IT.

“And I started to worry about how we’re going to support the baby,” said Amanda.

But, she says, Cod was just as excited about having a baby as she was about driving.

Amanda says they have never been happier with their son and she was able to share her joy.

“It was really a blessing to be able take him in with me, and then to have him learn all of these skills that I’ve always wanted to have,” said Amelia.

Amanda and Cod had always planned on adopting a child, but in a new home.

Cod said he was thrilled that his adopted son is going to get to drive the car himself.

“We’ve been planning on having him drive for a long time,” he said.

“He loves to drive.

I just hope that it’ll work out so he can be able drive in a couple years time, and we can have him and his little sister play with the car, too.”

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