By Tom GaffneyOctober 13, 2018 11:53:03The real conservatives are the Trump supporters.

In this week’s Washington Post/ABC News poll, 71 percent of Trump supporters say they are real conservatives, compared to only 23 percent of Democrats.

That’s the biggest change in the past decade, with Republicans having moved from being the party of the real conservative to the party that believes in the sanctity of private property, and for the first time, more Republicans than Democrats say they believe in religious liberty.

And, interestingly, even those who say they’re real conservatives don’t see it as a given.

Fifty-seven percent of Republican voters say they have no problem with gay marriage, while only 36 percent of Democratic voters say that.

In other words, the real conservatism is growing, and the real liberals are shrinking.

And this is happening at a time when Republicans are struggling to win over non-Trump supporters who have long opposed the President’s policies and policies of the same name.

In fact, as the Post/Bloomberg Politics poll indicates, the Republican Party’s most popular constituency is not Trump supporters but rather non-Christians.

Only 18 percent of Republicans say they approve of the job Trump is doing as president.

Meanwhile, the number of Trump-supporting Republicans has increased from 12 percent in January to 23 percent in November.

And the number who say the President has done a good job as president has more than doubled to 35 percent.

The share of Republicans who say Trump has done an “unfavorable” job has also grown.

The Republican Party has had a tough time attracting non-white voters since the Trump campaign, which is why it is surprising to see a surge of support for Trump among non-White Republicans.

But as the new Post/Getty polls indicate, this has become the case in the years since the election, as white people have become more conservative.

The reason for the increase, as it turns out, is that the white Republican coalition has become more tolerant of diversity.

As the Post points out, white people are now about four times more likely than non-whites to say they view race relations as a “very important” issue.

The GOP has long had a problem with racial and ethnic minorities, especially black Americans, but the numbers of non-Hispanic whites in the population have grown by a quarter in just the past year, according to the Post’s analysis of Census data.

That means the GOP has had to make significant efforts to win back those voters, which has created a problem for the party.

And in the latest Post/Census data, it has also caused Trump supporters to see their support for the President decline.

In November, the GOP had to spend millions of dollars in television ads to convince African-American voters that the party is committed to civil rights.

This was despite the fact that, according a recent study, whites are now less likely than blacks to view racial and racial minorities favorably.

The GOP is trying to win this back, which seems to have made Trump supporters more likely to be more accepting of nonwhite voters.

This is the problem for Republicans, who will have to do more than simply woo the nonwhite Republicans who have stayed home.

The party has to make it clear that it is a party that will defend the rights of nonwhites, especially nonwhite women.

And it has to try to make the argument that it has been the party for nonwhite Americans and nonwhite people in general.

The real conservatives have to embrace the Republican vision, and those who are now rejecting it have to accept the reality that the GOP is now a party of people who believe in the protection of the sanctities of private and private property.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners.

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