A $10 million project to build an underwater drone platform for the US Navy is being developed by a private company.

The project is part of a $150 million deal between Lockheed Martin and the Department of Defense.

The $10m program is called the Longbow project and was approved by Congress on March 11, the same day the Navy announced it would begin construction on a new submarine.

The Longbow, a prototype of a future submarine, was originally supposed to be deployed in the 2020s.

It is being built to test out new weapons systems and submarine technologies, and will be used to assist with maritime surveillance and counter-terrorism operations.

A number of US allies have asked the Navy to develop a longer-range, shorter-range drone to replace the long-range X-37B unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, the Navy said in March.

The new drone, which will be built by Lockheed Martin, is designed to be a flexible platform that can be deployed from a submarine or aircraft carrier.

The Longbow will be equipped with a suite of sensors and cameras that allow it to operate underwater, in addition to the ability to transmit and receive data and images.

The drone is designed for a range of applications, including maritime surveillance, surface warfare, and anti-submarine warfare, according to Lockheed Martin.

The US Navy says the drone will be capable of capturing images of ships, submarines, and other underwater targets.

It will also be able to fly for as long as 300 miles (480 kilometers) in waters off Hawaii.

The Navy has asked Congress for $10.3 billion for the project, which is designed as a test platform for a new long-endurance unmanned aircraft.

The Navy has also asked Congress to authorize the Navy’s new submarine, the USS Longbow II, to deploy to the Pacific to test new technologies and technology-specific software.

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