By now, you probably know that Oklahoma and its neighbors in the Great Plains are seeing tornadoes and other extreme weather as part of a global phenomenon known as “tornado season.”

The term tornado season refers to a time of unusually intense and violent weather.

During this time, there is a high risk of tornadoes, as well as flash flooding, mudslides and severe damage.

But tornadoes are not unique to Oklahoma.

Many other states have seen this kind of extreme weather in the past.

So what exactly is tornado season?

The term “tornadogenesis” is often used to describe the phenomenon that occurs when extreme weather conditions result from the interaction of many factors, including the interaction between a number of climate-change related factors, such as greenhouse gases and the increased rate of greenhouse gases.

The more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the more intense the tornado season.

For instance, if you live in the Oklahoma City area, the tornado seasons might get longer and longer, and the tornado risk might increase as the atmosphere warms up.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says that this is what happens when we warm the atmosphere by the greenhouse gases released from fossil fuels.

The hotter the atmosphere gets, the greater the amount of greenhouse gas in the air.

That means that as the climate warms, we see an increase in the amount and intensity of tornados.

For instance, in Oklahoma, a recent study found that the number of tornadic storms in the state jumped by about 50 percent in just two years.

The NWS said that this increased tornado activity was largely the result of human activity, which includes the burning of fossil fuels and the release of greenhouse gasses from fossil fuel combustion.

But some of the extra tornado activity is also tied to natural factors like weather patterns, which also affect tornado activity.

“The increase in tornadoes in Oklahoma can be attributed to a number more than just the increase in fossil fuel emissions,” NWS meteorologist Jeff Nesmith said.

“It also can be due to natural variability, including changes in climate.”

Nesmith noted that a tornado is a rare event.

The tornado season is generally between two and 10 years in duration, but tornadoes can occur as early as the spring or as late as the fall.

He added that the tornado activity in the last few years has been relatively quiet, and that the last tornadic storm in Oklahoma occurred in May 2016.

But that’s not to say that Oklahoma isn’t experiencing tornadoes.

The NWS has found tornadoes during the tornado year, and it’s not unusual for the National Weather Services office to be able to identify tornadoes near the Oklahoma city metro area.

The tornado season lasts for three to five weeks, during which time tornado activity generally increases, Nessmith said.

The intensity of tornado activity can vary greatly across the country.

For example, the Oklahoma tornado season tends to peak in May and June, but in March, the storms tend to become much more intense and more damaging, according to Nessell.

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