The Times has taken a stab at answering that question with the ranking of India’s worst cities in terms of crime rates and poverty.

Here’s what you need to know about these two cities.1.

The Crime RateIn order to get a feel for how much crime there is in a city, The Times used the Crime Severity Index (CSI) to calculate how many crimes per 100,000 inhabitants a city has.

The CPI measures the percentage of crimes against the population.

Here are the CPI numbers for Mumbai:2.

The Poverty RateWhile Mumbai is a city with a population of 811 million, it has the sixth highest poverty rate of all Indian cities.

Mumbai has the fifth lowest per capita GDP of all India cities, and it ranks second in the per capita income per capita (PPP) of the city.3.

The Rank in CrimeThe index includes all crimes and non-criminal offenses against people (as opposed to crimes and thefts) for the entire country.

Here is how Mumbai ranks:4.

The Per Capita Income (PPI)The CPI is a measure of how much a person makes per capita.

India ranks third on the PPI scale behind the United Kingdom and China.

Mumbai ranks fourth.5.

The PPP of the CityThe PPP is the average annual income per person.

Mumbai’s PPP per capita is Rs 4,300.6.

The Median Household Income of a CityThe median household income in Mumbai is Rs 2,500.7.

Mumbai is the second most impoverished city in India with a median household poverty of 32 per cent.8.

The Average Income in MumbaiAs per the data, the median income in the city is Rs 1,400.8, with the poorest fifth of households having incomes of just Rs 10,200.9.

The Income of the PoorThe poverty of the poor is measured in terms the per person income (PPIP) or the median household monthly income (MCIP) of Rs 10.7, which is less than the poverty threshold of $1.75 a day.10.

The Number of CrimesIn 2016, there were about 890,000 crimes reported in Mumbai.

In contrast, the number of murders in India in 2017 was 1,857.6, according to data from the Indian National Crime Records Bureau.11.

The Percentage of CrimeThat’s right, Mumbai has a crime rate of 4.7 per cent, which ranks it number two among India’s 50 most populated cities.12.

The Unemployment RateMumbai is one of India´s largest cities with more than 5 million residents.

Its unemployment rate is 16.3 per cent and its poverty rate is 23.1 per cent (source).13.

The Poorness IndexThe CPI, which measures poverty, is a good measure of poverty.

India has a poverty rate that ranks first in the world (17.2 per cent), followed by China (21.3) and Pakistan (22.2).14.

The Rate of UnemploymentA study by the Institute of Economic and Social Research (IESR) in 2016 showed that the unemployment rate in India is higher than that of China, which has the highest rate in the Asia-Pacific region.

It is also lower than in the United States, Europe and Australia.15.

The Annual Gross Domestic Product (AGDP)India is the seventh largest economy in the World, but it is estimated that the country has only about $1 trillion worth of GDP.

India’s annual GDP is $9,637 billion.16.

The Tax RatesIn 2017, the tax rates of Mumbai are 15.6 per cent of the total income.

In comparison, the top tax rate in China is 20.8 per cent while the tax rate on top incomes in India are 22.8 and 25 per cent respectively.17.

The City´s Housing ConditionsThere are different kinds of housing in Mumbai: urban, commercial, mixed-use and nonresidential.

In a study done by the Indian Council of Social Services (ICSS), Mumbai had one of the highest percentages of housing shortage in the country.18.

The Cost of LivingThe cost of living is a way of comparing how expensive it is to live a typical life.

Here, the CPI ranks Mumbai second among the 50 cities in India (after Delhi) for cost of food and water (Rs 11.66, compared to Rs 13.25 for Delhi).19.

The Age GapIn 2017 and 2018, India had the second and third highest age gaps among the countries in the survey.

Mumbai had the third highest gap (28.5 years) in the same period.20.

The Religiosity of the PeopleIn 2017-18, Mumbai was one of only three cities in the whole world where the median religion is Hindu (vs. Muslim, Sikh or Buddhist).

In 2018-19, Mumbai had a median religion of Buddhist (vs the median of Muslims).21.

The Quality of Life

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