Chicago Police Department detective Michael Hester tells NBC Chicago’s Matt Lauer he believes a large-scale robbery is linked to the surge in burglaries in the city.

Hester said the spike in burglars could be related to the recent spate of burglaries that have been linked to a high number of thefts in the neighborhoods surrounding the city’s Loop and South Side.

Hesters said it is possible that the burglaries are related to a string of robberies in the area, including a series of burglars that occurred earlier this month in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. 

“It’s very possible that we’re seeing some of the same type of thing,” Hester told Lauer.

“I think the burglars are trying to steal some things that they would normally take.” 

 Police say that while the increase in burglary activity is the result of the influx of burglarians into the Loop and the South Side, the city has seen an increase in car thefts, a trend that police attribute to a rise in car theft, thefts, and robberies. 

 “The overall crime wave in Chicago, as you know, is quite high and I think that that’s something that has to be looked at,” Hesters told Lazer.

“If you look at the numbers, we’re actually seeing a lot more crime than usual.

There are more vehicles stolen in the Loop than there were a few years ago.” 

Hester told NBC Chicago that he was also told that the number of car thefts in Chicago has tripled in the past year. 

Hesters said that the city is also seeing an increase of carjackings and robberies, and that the Chicago Police Bureau has been working to make arrests and solve the crime. 

While the city will be on lockdown for the weekend, Hester has told NBC News that he will be traveling with officers in case the police are required to deploy extra officers in the streets. 

Chicago Police Department detectives Michael Hesters, left, and James Miller are pictured at a press conference in Chicago on July 11, 2018, where they are warning of a large scale robbery wave. 

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