I was 14 years old, a year after graduating from college in India.

I had gone to a popular school in Mumbai called Kolkata, but there was a gap between my class and the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

I was the only girl in my class.

I was very shy, but my classmates were not.

I never felt awkward about my body.

In fact, I used to think that I was not a very good looking girl.

I did not look like a girl at all.

I looked more like a boy than a girl.

A few years later, I had met a handsome, intelligent man.

He was a model.

I met him in a private school in a small city in Maharashtra.

At the time, I did my best to hide my body from my peers.

I would wear short skirts, and would hide my breasts under my blouse.

When I walked down the street, I would always keep my hands in my pockets.

I always had a pair of scissors in my hand, and I always wore makeup.

It was normal for me to wear a dress, but not to the extent that I would not be able to wear jeans or t-shirts.

I wore a short skirt every day, but did not wear a T-shirt, or any other clothing that was not tight and buttoned.

I also wore a pair, and a hat to cover my eyes.

In the beginning, I wore nothing.

But when I was in my early twenties, I began to wear tight, tight clothes.

At that time, there were only about five girls in my school.

I thought it would be easier to stay out of the public eye, and not be noticed.

I became very conscious of how my body was viewed.

I started to have a lot of trouble with the fact that people did not like me.

I used my body to intimidate people, and make them uncomfortable.

My body was also a tool to keep me from going out.

When the media would come, I was terrified.

I hated that I did that, because I was worried that I could get arrested for wearing shorts and T-shirts to school.

In those days, it was normal to be seen in short clothes, but it was difficult to be considered a proper girl.

People would not like to see a woman wearing short skirts and short pants.

When girls did go out to bars, they would always have long, dirty, and loose clothes.

They would wear nothing under their clothes.

In a society where women were treated as commodities, it made sense for a man to think of himself as a boss.

I decided to become a model in order to have more freedom.

I took my clothes off whenever I wanted.

I wanted to wear anything.

It took a lot more courage than I expected.

I went to a modelling agency in New York City and auditioned for a few roles.

The agency was a bit strange.

They did not have any models and they did not want to be known as the girls from Mumbai.

I just looked at them and said that I wanted the job.

But the agency was not interested.

It only gave me the role of a waitress.

It did not know anything about me.

They only had to tell me who I was.

I told them that I had been an aspiring actor, but I had not been given a role.

The next day, I went back to Mumbai and went to my family’s home.

I said, “I am ready to take this job.

I want to wear my new clothes.

I am not afraid of the camera.

My family will not know that I am coming back.”

I took the role and was offered the chance to appear on the cover of an issue of a local newspaper.

The only part of me that I kept was my body, but everything else was taken away.

I spent a lot time in the studio, doing different things.

In that time period, I developed a relationship with a model, who is now a friend of mine.

She helped me out in many ways.

She had a lot to say to me.

When a man was interested in me, she would go out with him and he would help her find a boyfriend.

I developed an interest in girls and I was always willing to help her.

In India, it is important for a woman to be self-reliant.

I have learned to be a very independent person.

I think of my parents as very nurturing parents.

In my twenties, a man asked me to come back to his home in Mumbai to see his wife.

I knew nothing about Mumbai.

When he arrived home, I could not even tell him what my date was.

He just gave me a simple, “Why did you come back?”

He was quite surprised to see me.

He took me to his house.

I stayed with him for a week and two days, and then I went out with

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