A new book about the assassination of John F. Kennedy is on its way, and we have to wait and see if it’s good or bad.

I know it won’t be good.

It’s not going to be great.

But if you’re a reader who loves a good thriller, this will be an entertaining read.

It follows the investigation of the killing of Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, in 1963, and follows a different path from what the book’s title implies.

It focuses on the assassination in detail, and it includes new details.

The book was published in 2017 by the publisher HarperCollins.

It will be released this fall, after the book was originally published in January 2018.

There is no prequel to the Kennedy assassination, and there is no plot line that links Kennedy to the assassin.

The new book was a collaboration between David Edelstein and Jim Garrison, the former attorney general.

Garrison was acquitted in the case, but was convicted of obstruction of justice.

Garrison had to resign from office in 1994.

His wife, Lee, died in the same year.

This book follows Garrison’s case closely, and he writes that he did not write it because he is tired of writing about Kennedy, as the president himself told Garrison: I didn’t write it to try to make a movie about John F….

But I wanted to write it, because the book is important.

Garrison said he didn’t want to talk about his past as an attorney.

He didn’t tell Edelsteins novel because he doesn’t want his biography to be associated with his past, said Garrison, who is still in his 70s.

It was never intended to be an anti-Kasich book, Garrison said.

Edelstons book, The President, is not intended to undermine the president.

Garrison told The New Yorker he was shocked that the book, which details how Kennedy was gunned down, was published without a prequel.

Garrison did not read the book at all, said Edelston.

“I was not surprised at all,” he said.

The plot details the murder as part of a conspiracy involving the president, his security detail, a CIA operative, and two other men.

“It’s not just a cover-up,” Edelson told the magazine.

“This is not a case of a lone assassin,” he continued.

“There’s a coverup going on.

The cover-ups are being run by the CIA.”

In the book he talks about how the CIA had a number of different people involved in the assassination, including a young man who was allegedly involved in a conspiracy to blow up a Cuban airliner.

The CIA knew about the plot, but didn’t stop it, Garrison told the New Yorker.

It appears the cover-Up was a cover up, but the people involved had nothing to do with it.

Garrison also said that while he wasn’t part of the conspiracy, he did know that there were people who wanted to assassinate Kennedy, and that they were involved in “a series of conspiracies” that had to be stopped.

He said he was surprised by the book because the details he was provided were “all wrong.”

“The book is completely wrong,” he told the publication.

“The truth is a little bit harder to come by, but that’s what you get from a book by a man who has spent his life in the CIA.

There are things that have been completely wrong about this assassination, he said, referring to the CIA’s official story of the assassination.

Edelsten said that the cover up was the CIA taking over the assassination and that the real conspiracy was the coverup. “

He’s saying that this was a CIA operation, and then he’s saying it was a conspiracy.”

Edelsten said that the cover up was the CIA taking over the assassination and that the real conspiracy was the coverup.

The New York Times first reported the book in January.

Garrison has not responded to requests for comment.

The author, a longtime investigative reporter, said that he had never written a book about a murder.

“That’s a great question,” Edlen told The Times.

“Who would write a book that’s about the Kennedy death, the cover ups and the coverups of other presidents?”

Garrison said that his book is meant to be a companion piece to The New Republic, which he described as the “most important newspaper in the United States.”

Garrison said his book “has nothing to say about the JFK assassination, the Kennedy family, the assassination itself, the investigation, the commission, or anything else.”

The book’s first chapter is called The Secret Murder.

It discusses a plot by a CIA agent to kidnap Kennedy.

He is trying to find out why the agent did what he did, but is frustrated with the fact that the FBI has failed to arrest him.

“At least in part, the CIA is not interested in arresting the man who did it,” Edenstein told The NY Times.

Edlen also told the Times that he was disappointed with

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