IGN has a new calendar, which includes an exclusive interview with writer Jason Schreier about the release of his upcoming book.

We’re excited to be announcing our first-ever Calendar of Awesome, which will take the reader on an exciting journey through IGN’s editorial history to celebrate the past, present and future of IGN.

The Calendar will feature an extensive list of exclusive interviews, videos and artwork, as well as a list of our most anticipated upcoming content, all in one place.

With this new calendar we want to show our readers what the future looks like for IGN.

You can read the details below, and we invite you to explore the calendar for yourself, and help us make it as exciting and as memorable as possible.

In celebration of IGN’s upcoming calendar, we’re releasing an exclusive Interview with Jason Schriestier, our new calendar editor.

The interview will be featured in the Calendar of Awesomeness, where Jason will answer readers’ questions about the new calendar and the new work he’s doing.

We will be revealing additional interviews in the coming months, so be sure to check back for more info.

In addition to the Calendar, Jason will be writing a new piece of content on the topics of IGN content, specifically the site’s design, the best things about IGN and its fans, and the best ways to promote the site.

The content will be part of our upcoming IGN Rewind series.

We also will be publishing a new blog with content from our archives, including stories and behind-the-scenes photos.

The full list of content, including the interview, can be found below.

The following questions have been asked in the interview:1.

Who would you most like to interview for IGN Rewriting, and why?

Jason: I’d like to write an article about the evolution of IGN and the people who’ve worked there for so long, because they’re the people I most admire and respect.

The best writers and storytellers work on their craft and learn the craft of their craft from their own experiences, so the writing process they have to go through has a direct impact on the way they write their stories.

If they don’t have that experience and experience, then they’re not going to be able to craft the best story.2.

Who has been a good editor for you?

Jason Schreer: As far as I know, it’s all-caps, and I’d rather have it all caps, because it makes me feel better.

I’m a writer.

I have to make things as good as I can.

I’ve never been good at this.

I was always trying to write bad.

When you’re not good at writing, you’re just like, What’s the point?3.

You’re on an 856 area-code.

How did that come about?

Jason, the only people I’ve ever been on 856 were a bunch of writers from my old high school writing group who were all in their mid-20s and worked at IGN.

I think we were just having a little fun, and it was a good excuse to put up a banner.

They’d always say something to the effect of, 856.

It’s where I was born, and my parents are both 856s.

I thought, Why not just say it out loud?4.

What are some of your favorite things about the IGN brand and community?

Jason has a great voice, and he’s always telling stories that are very personal to him, and very true to himself.

He really loves the way IGN has always been a place where people can be themselves and express themselves and celebrate their creative side.

He’s always been the one to get me up when I needed to work on something, because he’s been really supportive of me from day one.

I think his writing style is very unique.

He can have these really honest, candid conversations about life and relationships and what it’s like to be a gamer, and just the people and places in the world he goes to.5.

You were recently nominated for an IGN Video of the Year award.

How do you feel about being nominated for the title?

JasonSchreier: I’m not sure.

I mean, I know some people nominated for it, but I never thought of it that way.

I love doing these awards and getting these awards, and if you nominate me, you know, you want me to win.

But I’m going to take it.6.

If you were nominated for Video of The Year again, would you be voting for your favorite video, or the one you thought would be the best?


It depends.

The one that I think I’m most proud of is probably the one I did at Gamefest in April, which I won.7.

Are you a big fan of the Halo series?

Jason, what’s your favorite Halo video game?


I really like Halo.

I really like the series,

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