EW is excited to announce the latest installment of our Star Wars series, and you can save some serious cash on tickets to the upcoming sequel by getting the code on

The promotion will last until Dec. 15 at 12:01am PST.

To take advantage of this special offer, visit the Kohls website or call 1-800-KOHLS (1-800‐871‐8477) to use promo code 770.

To get the code, all you have to do is use the promo code in the promo text box and hit the “Apply” button on the confirmation page.

In the next window that pops up, you will have to enter the promo codes you previously entered.

Once you have done that, enter the code and hit “Apply.”

This promo code will be available until the day of the movie’s release, but the code can be used for up to four consecutive months.

For instance, you could get the promo for two years, three years, or five years.

You can also apply the code to any Kohls account that is eligible to receive the promotion.

To do that, visit a Kohls store and follow the prompts.

Once the account has been verified, you can enter the number of months the promo is active and the amount of Kohls you want to pay for the tickets.

Once you enter your code, you’ll see a confirmation page that shows you the code’s expiration date and when it expires.

If you’re going to use this code, don’t forget to include your shipping address.

You can also check out the promo site here to see all the details on the deal.

To find the code that works best for you, check out our tips for how to get the most bang for your buck.

The promo code is available for Kohls credit cards.

To apply the promo, just call Kohls at 1-855-Kohls (1–855‐872‐8479).

If you have a Kohl’s account, you must be a registered customer to receive this special promo code.

You must enter the promotional code at the time of purchase and the Kohl will be billed for the ticket in full.

To see all of the other promo codes available on, check our list of the top 10 best Kohlstamp deals of the year.

Read moreStar Wars: The Last Jedi opens Dec. 16.

Star Wars Rebels hits theaters in 2019.

Star Trek Beyond opens in 2020.

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