How to get your own “superman” solar panels for your home and office?

A project called “Superman Solar” was born and this is what the creators had to say about it: The project was created by a team of scientists from the University of Melbourne in collaboration with local businesses and local councils.

“This was a huge project,” Professor Ian Dolan said.

“We spent about five months getting all the materials together.

Then we got a big aluminium plate on the roof and then we got the panels on the wall, and the next step was getting a roof for the panels to sit on.” “

The first thing we did was create a solar panel in our backyard.

Then we got a big aluminium plate on the roof and then we got the panels on the wall, and the next step was getting a roof for the panels to sit on.”

Professor Dolan was joined by fellow University of Victoria graduate student Sarah Lachman, who is now a PhD student at the University’s Centre for Solar Energy Systems.

“It’s basically the equivalent of an LED strip,” Professor Lachmann said.

The panels are made up of a mix of aluminum, glass, silicon, copper, and magnesium.

“All the panels have a thermal conductivity of about 60 per cent, and they have a high electrical conductivity,” Professor Dola said.

That means they can generate power over a wide range of temperatures.

The team built the panels using a combination of the latest in materials science and design, which includes using solar cells that use less energy to generate power than conventional solar panels.

The project is currently looking for funding to bring the solar panels to market.

“In a nutshell, we wanted to put solar panels on a roof so that we can actually use the energy from the sun to get a couple of hours of electricity for the homeowner,” Professor James O’Connor, the project’s project manager, said.

Professor Dolas’ team has been working with local councils in Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane to bring their designs to life.

“Solar panels on roofs are very exciting,” Professor O’ Connor said.

“(They) are very easy to install, they are cheap to produce, and are relatively easy to maintain.”

The project has already attracted funding from the Australian Government.

The first solar panels were installed in Perth’s CBD in 2016.

The roof panels will be ready for use next month.

You can read more about Professor Dolans project here.

Watch the video here:

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