Next Big Futures (NGF) is a new series looking at the future of urban life, focusing on the next generation of residents.

The show looks at how the technologies, services and habits that define today’s city will change over the next five decades.

The first episode focuses on the new transportation technology of bike sharing, with a special focus on Austin, Texas.

The series will also explore the possibilities of the blockchain in this future of data.

In the first episode, Next Big futures explores the ways that we’re already seeing the future, including how the blockchain will be used to create a decentralized and secure network of information and data.

The future of cities is going to be the best of all worlds, said Dr. Adam Klein, chief executive of Next Big.

He sees the technology being used to empower people, businesses and governments to create new ways to do business, while also supporting the creation of more sustainable and resilient cities.

We’re seeing the ability to create and monetize new revenue streams from the blockchain and to share the revenue from new technologies. “

We have companies and governments using the blockchain to solve some of the biggest challenges we face in the world.

We’re seeing the ability to create and monetize new revenue streams from the blockchain and to share the revenue from new technologies.

And we’re seeing it in how we use technology to create services that help people live better lives.

I think there’s really no question that we are moving in that direction, and I think that’s a very good thing.”

Klein is also very excited about the potential of blockchain in the healthcare space.

The medical device market is projected to be $2 trillion by 2025.

As of now, blockchain-based medical record sharing and digital medical records are already being used by hospitals and doctors to help people.

Next Big will explore the technology and its potential impact on the healthcare industry, as well as the healthcare sector itself.

“We want to explore the next phase of this transformation,” said Dr, John McAlpine, president of the Austin-based UT Austin Health Systems.

“This is going from a service-based model of healthcare to a consumer-based system, and we want to understand how that all fits together and what the benefits are for the patient, the providers, and the government.

In fact, we have a very specific agenda for this series.

We think this is going in a very positive direction.

We want to be part of the conversation.”

The series will focus on the future potential of the healthcare and blockchain industry.

Dr. Klein said Next Big has been looking for ways to better understand the healthcare ecosystem and the way we’re going to interact with it.

“The idea that the world is going back to the early 1900s is not something that we thought was going to happen, but I think the future is going towards a much more sustainable system that relies on digital health records,” he said.

Next Big futures will focus heavily on the potential benefits of blockchain technology, including the potential for it to solve real-world problems like health records, payments, the creation and management of smart contracts, and financial settlement.

“For us, blockchain is about building a better system, it’s about building the foundation for a new digital economy, and it’s really about making it easier to manage digital money and to manage the financial system,” said McAlpine.

“Blockchain is a powerful technology that can change everything from the way that money moves around the world, the way it’s exchanged, the process of how financial transactions are conducted,” said Next BIG co-host Dr. Alexei L. Lakhani.

“Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the way money is traded, how information is communicated, and how financial institutions are organized and managed.

It is an important technology that we think is going be a powerful part of our future.”

The future of digital commerce is going a long way in terms of creating a new way of doing business and more sustainable systems for managing digital assets, but blockchain is going places that I think we will be able to learn from and leverage.

“Next Big is launching its first series with Dr. Joseph S. Klein, an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

Klein will discuss the implications of blockchain and its impact on healthcare, the role of blockchain tech in finance, and other areas.

Dr Klein will be joined by Dr. David R. Ries, a professor of medicine and chief medical officer at UT Austin and the founder of the company OpenBazaar.

This is a joint venture between Next Big and OpenBazar.”

The platform is being developed in collaboration with a wide range of healthcare companies and healthcare organizations.”As”

OpenBazaar and OpenBlockchain are developing a new platform that will allow people to create an anonymous marketplace that will serve as a central clearing house for the digital payments, health records and other records created by the healthcare system.

The platform is being developed in collaboration with a wide range of healthcare companies and healthcare organizations.”As

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