Business Insider UK city residents are already breathing cleaner air due to the implementation of a national strategy to reduce pollution.

However, the UK’s capital is still one of the worst places to live for the second year running, with a new report highlighting that the city has the worst air quality in Europe.

The UK has the second-worst air quality index in Europe, with residents suffering from a “pollution nightmare”.

The UK ranked seventh out of the 27 EU countries studied, with London the worst out of all 27 countries.

The city is also one of Europe’s largest polluters, with more than 1,000 tonnes of nitrogen dioxide pollution emitted each day.

A recent poll revealed that more than half of London’s residents have asthma, with around 5,000 people living in areas where the pollution is most prevalent.

More:The new London Health survey found that the number of people with asthma has increased by about 10% in the last two years, while those with bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory problems have increased by almost 20%.

London has a very high air quality, with nearly half of the population suffering from the pollution.

The UK has a high concentration of PM2.5 particles, which can travel up to 500km (310 miles) per hour.

The London Health study also found that more people were suffering from PM2,5 pollution than the city is known for, with almost 40% of Londoners reporting having an unhealthy level of PM 2.5.

The health risks associated with PM2 particles include lung cancer, heart disease and asthma.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said the city was “on a collision course” with climate change, and was facing a public health crisis.

“The challenge we are facing is a public-health crisis,” he said in a statement.

“We know that if we do not take action, our health and economic security will suffer.”

The city’s air pollution problem is not the only health threat faced by the city.

According to the City of London, it has the fourth-highest rate of air pollution in the UK.

According to data from the UK Met Office, the number and concentration of pollutants in the city are higher than those found anywhere else in the world.

The mayor of London said he was determined to fight for his city to get on track to meet its 2025 targets for reducing pollution, but said that “the longer we wait, the more it becomes a burden”.

The city has also been named as one of 10 worst cities in the European Union for air quality.

London has also recently been named the worst city in the US for air pollution.

The pollution in London has been blamed for more than 3,400 deaths and 1,800 hospital admissions in 2016.

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