Israel’s army on Thursday raided the village of Hebron in the occupied West Bank, the latest incident in a spate of demolitions in the area.

The army said the raid targeted homes and other structures used by Palestinians to commit acts of violence and illegal construction.

The operation was a response to a number of demolishing raids that occurred in the past week.

The military said it would also continue demolishing Palestinian structures in the West Bank.

It was not immediately clear if the operation involved Palestinian civilians or military targets.

The latest incidents follow a wave of demolishments in the northern West Bank last week, including in the village, which was home to several hundred Palestinians.

The Israeli army has previously demolished dozens of homes and structures in Hebron, often using bulldozers and rubber bullets.

On Wednesday, it destroyed another Palestinian structure, a home near a school.

The Palestinians in Hebra have long complained that Israeli authorities have demolished their homes without proper permission.

“The Israeli army raided the Palestinian village of Haniya in Hebrone on Wednesday morning, and the demolition was carried out in a way that could be seen as disproportionate to the crimes committed there,” the Israeli army said in a statement.

“The soldiers entered the village to enforce an order to evacuate Palestinian residents of the village.

When they did not, the army attacked the village with live fire and tear gas, destroying the houses and damaging the structures, including the mosque.

The Palestinian villagers managed to flee to their homes after a military jeep came and forced them to leave.”

The army has demolished thousands of Palestinian structures since 2009.

Following a series of demolishes in the Palestinian territories, Israel announced a temporary suspension of settlement activity in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Israel’s decision sparked widespread criticism, with Palestinians saying they were not consulted, that the Israeli government did not consult them, and that the move amounted to apartheid.

In October, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans to dismantle more than 400 settler homes in the central West Bank in a move that would come after he promised to do so if he wins the November elections.

The government said it planned to demolish more than 300 of them.

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