Aussie patriots, we’ve all been there, but we’ve been especially lucky.

As our nation’s flags are lowered to half-mast, it’s time to reflect on what a good friend you are to your fellow countrymen.

With the US becoming increasingly polarised, this is a time to consider the importance of a shared sense of patriotism and our shared values.

So what exactly is a ‘good friend’ to a fellow countryman?

Here are a few tips for understanding what constitutes an Aussie patriot: If you’re a regular user of Facebook, you’ll know it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparing your Facebook status updates to the posts of the likes of a right-wing political activist.

Facebook has a strict ‘dislike’ filter, so you can’t easily find an article about Donald Trump.

You also won’t find a number of posts where someone describes the flag as ‘not American’, or how it should be flown at half-staff.

Facebook is the most divisive platform on the internet, but this is because people have different values.

They may like to use social media to express their opinions, but not necessarily because they believe the values of the country they’re representing.

The same goes for other political groups, too, such as libertarians and anarchists.

Some Australians even argue that the flag is an integral part of the national anthem, a sentiment that has been expressed by Australian groups for decades.

But it’s also a popular sentiment among a small group of people who are not interested in the flag’s cultural or political value.

A common sentiment is that the US has become too ‘progressive’, and this has caused a rift between Aussies.

In reality, the US is a nation that values freedom and the freedom of speech.

The flag is not the most controversial thing in our nation, but there is a significant amount of disagreement over its symbolism.

For example, many people believe that the Stars and Stripes represents freedom and patriotism, while others believe it’s the Stars representing slavery.

The US flag is commonly used as a symbol of freedom across the world, including the UK, the UK is the only western democracy that still flies the flag at half mast.

But while some people might consider this a symbolic choice, it is not always the case.

A flag that represents a nation is not inherently wrong, as long as it is used in a peaceful way.

A simple flag like the US flag could be an ideal symbol of a nation.

The UK flag, for example, is commonly seen as a sign of patriotism, but it is actually a symbol that symbolises oppression and oppression of women.

In the US, there is also a large difference between what you call the flag, which represents the US Constitution, and the flag that is flown at the half-mast.

The half-flag is generally considered to be a symbol used by the military to mark a dead soldier.

But there are many different flags used by many different groups in the US and across the globe.

For some reason, the flag of the US government is usually used as the national flag of this country.

It’s also often used as an emblem of Australia, which is why a number in Australia is used to identify a country.

A different flag is often used to represent a nation of a different colour, such in the case of a flag representing the United Kingdom.

While it’s often difficult to determine the official meaning of the flag used by one country, the meaning of a country’s flag is a very important aspect of the history of the United States.

Flag design is often a major factor in the way a country sees itself.

For the UK as a whole, the British flag is the second most popular flag, with the US being the third.

There are several reasons for this.

First, the design of the UK flag is unique, with several colours in the same design.

This means that it’s usually used in very small areas around the country, as opposed to the American flag, in which the majority of the population uses the flag.

The British flag has been around for over 150 years and is also very similar to the US national flag.

However, because of its popularity, the United Sates flag is also widely used.

The design of Canada’s flag also differs from the US’ flag, but the colours of the flags are similar.

There’s a lot of variation in the design and designs of other countries.

For instance, the Republic of Korea’s flag has several variations.

These include a design that has a golden star, and a design with a blue background.

The most famous flag in the world is the flag representing Portugal.

This flag has the colours red, yellow, and green.

Other countries use a different flag than Portugal, and their flags are often very different from Portugal’s.

So it’s important to remember that flags are only one part of a much bigger picture.

It is also important to look at the different countries that

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