A new analysis has revealed that the country of Australia has around the same amount of ICD-10 codes as the United Kingdom.

ICD10 codes are the most common coding system in the world and are used to measure a country’s health, education and infrastructure.

The data comes from an online database of more than 10,000 ICD codes, and has been compiled by the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) at the University of Melbourne.

It’s a system that’s widely accepted by most governments around the world, with around 75% of the world’s codes used.

“The average country has around 1,700 ICD11 codes,” IEA’s Dr James Cook told ABC Radio Melbourne.

In a study published in the journal Health, Cook and his colleagues found that, over the past 30 years, the United states had roughly 2,600 ICD9 codes, compared to 1,500 in the other countries. “

[Australia’s code] stands out from other countries because it’s the most used code in the United Nations, in the OECD, in all the countries around the globe, and also because of the fact that the ICD numbers are the least correlated with each other, so you get a very different picture of the country.”

In a study published in the journal Health, Cook and his colleagues found that, over the past 30 years, the United states had roughly 2,600 ICD9 codes, compared to 1,500 in the other countries.

IEA’s data suggests that while Australia has about the same number of ICP codes as New Zealand, it has around 20% more than New Zealand.

While this discrepancy could have an impact on the way we’re reading our own health information, Cook said the data shows that Australia’s codes are being used more and more.

“In terms of the number of codes that are used for the country, Australia is the largest country in terms of that, in terms with the number that are being collected by health services, and in terms that are the only country that has codes for all health information,” he said.

“So that’s quite a significant difference, and we think it’s going to have a significant impact on how people are accessing the information.”

‘We need to make the change’A report commissioned by the IEA said Australia’s code-collection system needs to be changed.

In the report, Professor Alan Faull, an emeritus professor at the Australian National University, said that while the IAE found a correlation between the number and the amount of codes, “there’s a very clear difference in the actual amount of code in each country”.

“It seems that a country with a larger number of coding is better equipped to provide services,” Professor Fauld said.

Professor Fauell told the ABC that Australia had a large number of different codes for different things, which made it difficult to compare and categorise.

“The Australian code system is not uniform, and you’ll see a lot of things that are different, such as some codes are for public transport, some codes for hospitals, some code for education, some are for services, some of the codes are different for different services,” he explained.

“It’s difficult to look at it and sort out exactly what codes are there and what are the differences between them.

And I think that’s a really important area for the next round of reform.”

Professor Cook agrees, and said the current system was “a mess”.

“It needs to change, it’s been a mess for decades,” he told ABC radio.

“We need a change in the way codes are collected, and it needs to come from government and from business.”

I think there is a lot that we need to do, but also we need an education system that gets people out of bed, and that has a lot more information about where to get it, and makes it more accessible to people, rather than relying on a system of numbers that’s only good for one sector.

“He also believes the codes should be updated.”

I think that Australia has a big gap in the number, and I think we need a bigger jump,” he added.”

If we can do that in a way that gives people more confidence, it could help us to tackle obesity and diabetes.

“Australia’s codes ‘can’t be used as an indicator of quality’Professor Cook said there were some countries that were more developed in the area of codes than others.

He said that the codes could not be used to compare a country to other countries, because there was “so much different stuff that happens”.

However, he said the numbers provided “a pretty good indication of the quality of the health services that they provide”.

I don’t think that it’s accurate to say that the number is the best indicator of the system’s quality, Professor Cook said.

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