The world’s largest wine company, Côtes-d’Armor, is getting out of the business of selling red wine, but the company still sells it.

Côte d’Armor’s new strategy is to shift to selling “more sustainable” wine and to focus more on its traditional and more “traditional” customers: people in developing countries.

The strategy, announced Monday, comes after Côttes-d-Armor said last year it would spend about $2.2 billion to buy back wine from small wineries, a move that the company says will help to “reduce bottling bottling costs” by 20 percent.

Cote d’Armours’ new strategy, unveiled Monday, aims to shift away from “bottling bottlenecks” and to instead focus on “more sustainably produced wines.” (The Côtés-d’-Armor logo is seen at a winery in Pontevedra, northern France, April 27, 2019.)

Côts-d′Armor said its commitment to sustainability, as well as the quality of its products, will also help to reduce bottling time, according to a press release.

Cointe d’Artisan, the largest wine producer in the world, also announced its commitment on Monday.

“As a global brand, Cointez-d´Artisan is committed to the sustainable and quality products that we offer to our customers, both domestically and abroad,” the company said.

Cervez-déArtisan said it has spent about $1.3 billion in the past two years to “buy back” wine from smaller wineries.

Céline de Cuvée, the French wine company that makes Côches-d`Armours wine, said it also will buy back more than 1 million bottles of Côs-dArmes wine this year, an amount it plans to spend about twice as much.

“Our customers want the best and Côcés-de-Armesses wines have to be the best, the freshest, and the most pure,” Célines de Cuvene CEO Marc-Antoine Bourguignon said in a statement.

“We have to look at this strategy and find a way to sell the wines that are best for the consumer.”

In 2017, Cote de Côtel-de–Vieille’s CEO, Paul-Marc-Yves Le Bouchard, said that “in the next few years, Cerveys wines would be on the market with the same sustainability standards as the Côles-d Armesses.”

Cote-dArmess’s new wine strategy is part of a larger effort by Côes-dArmor to diversify its portfolio of products.

Last year, the company bought a $2 billion stake in Domaine de la Tour in a deal that gave Côle d’Orsay a market share in France that had fallen from about 40 percent in the mid-1990s to under 10 percent in 2016.

(Domaine de La Tour is also owned by a consortium of wine companies, including Domaine S.P.&G.)

Domaine is owned by the Rothschild family.

The Rothschilds are also big investors in Domains de la Méridien.

Domains d’Orleans, a Paris-based wine producer, said in an email Monday that the move was aimed at “diversifying our portfolio of wines to increase its sustainability and appeal in the market.”

Domains has also begun buying back wine in India and other countries that are still producing large amounts of red grapes.

In May, Domains said it would buy back about 5.5 million cases of Domains-Spirits-Côtes de La Méridienne from Winemakers International, the biggest winery buyer in the country.

Domaine and Domains are also in talks with the Cote S.C.D. to buy about 1.5 percent of Cote’s holdings in the French wineries of St. Gervais, which also produce red grapes and has an extensive portfolio of wineries and winemaking operations in France.

“These wines are all produced under the strict conditions and the same rules as our Côxes-de‑Armesses, and they all meet the strict requirements,” Domaine said in its statement.

Domain is also investing in new wine brands, including the Domains à L’Espagne wine brand, and plans to invest another $250 million in the future.

“The wine industry is changing,” Domains CEO Laurent Gignoux told The Associated Press in June.

“More and more people are buying from wine makers and they want to do this as a sustainable business.

I believe this is the beginning of a new era in the industry.”

Domaine’s investments in new

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