I have a couple of Macy’s coupons for my daughter, which I’ll be giving away as a gift to her for Christmas.

One is the $25 discount for one bag.

The other is the discount for a full-size purse.

The coupon for the full-sized purse offers $30 off a $150 purchase, and the coupon for a purse offers just $10 off a full size purchase.

I figured that my daughter could buy one bag and save me a little bit of money, so I gave her both.

But I didn’t have enough coupons to give both bags away.

So I thought I’d give one to her as a token of my appreciation, and give the other as a bonus.

My daughter has been asking me how much money I have, and I’ve been asking her how much I have saved by not giving her any of my coupons.

She’s a bit puzzled by my explanation of why she would want a coupon, so she has been telling me about the “free” bag that I gave to her, which is a pretty great deal.

The $25 coupon offers a $50 discount off the purchase of $150.

This discount is for a $15 purchase, but that $15 discount can be extended to $20, $30, $40, $50 or $60 for a total of $100.

So, my daughter saved $5 on the purchase (not including the $10 coupon) with the coupon, and her savings came to just over $10.

(I am assuming she was using the coupon with her credit card, but I’ve not done a test.)

This makes a lot of sense, so let’s dig a little deeper.

If I give my daughter the coupon that offers a discount of $25 off $150, she will save $4.

That’s a lot less than $5, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

I’m using a standard calculation, so this is what my daughter would need to do.

She would have to buy a full bag of $50-$150 (excluding the $15 coupon) and then pay for a bag with the $20 coupon.

She might also have to pay extra for shipping if she wanted to save $5.

I’ve included a table with this calculation in the image below.

My mother is not using the full bag because she has a full purse, but she would have the option to pay less if she likes.

My daughter is saving $4 by buying the full $150 bag instead of the $5 coupon.

That’s not the worst-case scenario, but if you are in the same boat, you’ll need to figure out how to figure that out.

(The $15/bag savings is for the $150 purse, so the $30 savings is the same for both.)

If you can figure out the math, this works out to a savings of about $7 per month, or $8.30 per year.

If you’re saving that $7, you have a little more than a year left to save money and get ahead.

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