Google is offering up to $1 million in grants to help save a penguin’s life after it was accidentally shot.

The Google Doodle, created by a team of Australian researchers, is a simple search for “giant panda” and it will award the funds if it finds a match.

The penguin was shot by a group of local residents after a video surfaced of the animal being chased by a car.

A Google spokesperson said the search would take 24 hours to complete.

“We’re committed to protecting our communities and wildlife, and we’re happy to support these efforts to protect this unique animal in Australia,” Google said.

“The Google Pogo Project is a unique collaboration between Google and the University of Queensland in a bid to help animals in need in Australia.”

Pegos are rare and very vulnerable, and this effort will allow us to give them some extra support to survive and hopefully, help others in the future.

“A video of the penguin being chased in Brisbane, Australia.

A google spokesperson said: “The Google-Pogo Project aims to help vulnerable, endangered and underrepresented animals by providing them with the resources they need to live a healthy and fulfilling life.””

The funding will be used to provide a free, high-quality service to help local people in the Brisbane CBD and surrounding areas who need it most.

“Pego is an endangered species, and it is difficult to track its whereabouts.

A video taken by a passer-by of a panda in Brisbane.

A local resident who captured the incident said the panda was in the middle of a chase.”

I didn’t see it coming, but I saw it go by and I thought it was trying to escape, but it just came back towards me and it just went into the fence and hit the wall,” said the passer-to-passer.”

It was just so quick and just so powerful.

“Penguins are known to be very intelligent, and are adept at recognizing danger and taking cover in shallow water.”

There are several species of giant panda which have been found to have the ability to use sound to track prey,” the Google spokesperson added.”

While the video does not capture what exactly happened, the footage does show the penguins speed and their keen sense of smell, which can alert them to danger.

“Pigeons are among the most intelligent animals on Earth.

They have been studied for many years for their ability to navigate through water, find food, and even use their noses to sense when they are being attacked by other animals.”

One of the best-known species of penguins, the black-backed penguin, has been observed using a distinctive cry to warn its prey to keep their distance, or in the case of the white-backed, a powerful growl to scare away its quarry,” the spokesperson added.”

In the case that the penguinian was not tracking the target, its cry is usually accompanied by a series of rapid movements in the air, which could have alerted its prey that it was about to attack.

“A Google Doodle made in tribute to the life of the giant pandas at the Australian Museum in Brisbane (ABC News).

A study published in December 2015 showed that the giant penguins can recognise human scent, which is very effective at identifying predators.”

Their ability to detect and track prey is highly effective at avoiding or avoiding the danger of being attacked,” said lead author John Atherton, an associate professor at the University at Albany.”

However, they are very selective about their prey, and the vast majority of their time spent in the water is spent trying to find food.

“Piglets can also be trained to hunt, and there are studies showing that they have evolved a range of useful skills, including detecting vibrations and temperature, to help them navigate their environment.”

They have learned to hunt by following the cues of the human scent.

It is one of the most successful ways of learning that they can detect prey,” Atherson said.

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